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The Crystal Ball Forum is a market forecasting tool that serves as a discussion forum for the trader community, as well as a real-time newsletter compilation of market commentary and technical analysis. Whether you are interested in cycles, pattern recognition, fibonacci and Gann applications, astro, elliot wave, voodoo wave, probability, or plain old fundamental analysis, the Crystal Ball Forum brings you the analysis you need. Simply put, there is nothing else like it on the internet.

Subscribers to The Crystal Ball Forum are able to:

  • Gain insight to market movements from some of the best (and most successful) trading minds in the world.

  • Follow a favorite market analyst or technician real-time through their intraday calls and post-market commentaries.

  • View "Real-Time" sentiment indicators, 30-day trend forecasts, and next-day targets; all updated dynamically, 24/7.

  • Access an archive of previous market commentary and technical analysis.

  • Get subscription discounts to a variety of market newsletters and trading advisory services.

  • Use our unique set of contextual software tools to filter out what you don't want and focus on what you are primarily interested in.
A list of contextual software features is available here.

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